As founder and sole resident of the celebrated monthly Strangelove, Tomas Diablo has breathed new life into the San Francisco dance scene. His meticulously-crafted sets of goth, industrial, electro, and new wave always pack the dancefloor and energize the crowd. He is also a resident DJ at the weekly party Bondage-a-Go-Go - San Francisco's longest running weekly dance party - where he mixes new indie, dirty electro, pop and rock into the darker fare. Refusing to be pigeon-holed into one range of music, Tomas ran the event 'Rock This Town' for 3 years, where he invited other DJs to join him in playing anything that they wouldn't normally be allowed to play.

Tomas Diablo has opened for artists like Gary Numan, Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order), Recoil (Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode), Lords of Acid, and Meat Beat Manifesto, and often guests at various events around the Bay Area.


Tomas is founder and resident of:


1st Fridays
at the Cat Club (Folsom and 8th). Dark electro, industrial, new wave and goth, with different themes and guests every month.


Tomas is currently a resident at:


Bondage-a-Go-Go Every Wednesday at the Cat Club.
Boy Division First Saturdays at Codeword.
Right?!?! 90s party, 5th Saturdays at the Cat Club.

Tomas was the founder and resident of:

Villainy "The Dance Club with a Dark Side", featuring electro/dance in the main room, and goth/industrial upstairs. Each flyer featured a different villain, which corresponded to that month's theme.
Rock This Town! Tomas Diablo and 2 guest DJs played music that they would never dare to play at their usual events. Rock, swing, pop, hair metal, ska, funk, punk... anything and everything...
Danse Macabre Classic goth, death rock, and dark new wave (no crunchy or stompy) on 3rd Saturdays with Tomas Diablo and monthly guests.

Tomas has been a resident at:

Love Triangle San Francisco's polyamorous and non-monogamist nightclub event..
The Black Widows San Francisco's original gothic strip revue.
Shadow Society at the Uptown in Oakland. Film noir and Lovecraft-inspired. Dark dance and occasional live acts.
Substance at the EndUp. I usually did the 4AM to 6AM shift, bridging the gap between new wave and the house that took over at 6. Yeah, it made me a zombie for the rest of the weekend, but it was a lot of fun.
Decade - 5 DJs playing 5 different music from different decades. Examples of sets I have done: 1990's Dance Cheese, 1940's Swing, 1970's Birth of British New Wave, 1990's Girls of Trip-Hop, etc.
Sindustrie - My first residency, it was a weekly Wednesday at Sacrifice (now Bender's Bar on 19th and South Van Ness)

Tomas has also been a guest at:

Dark Shadows
Dancing Ghosts

New Wave City
the California Academy of Sciences

Pop Roxx
The Pleasure Principle
Retro Active
Shark Attack
...and too many others to mention (check out the setlists page if you really wanna know)

Tomas Diablo is also an electronic artist. For 26 consecutive monthly issues back in 2000-2002, he supplied the music for the CD-ROMs that accompanied Computer Gaming World (CGW) magazine. The tracks were pieced together with an ancient digital 4-track program, SoundEdit 16, and played on the main screen of the CD. They were also the introduction of jazz, new wave, and genre bastardization for a lot of young gamers.

Make sure to check out the 'Listen' page, as it's stocked with goodies to listen to. I update the 'Setlists' page regularly, and you can find out where I'm spinning next on the 'News' page. Enjoy the music!


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